Friday, September 16, 2011


dear blog,

in true thursday fashion today was a lovely day. i woke up and ate breakfast. i went babysitting and while baby hazel napped i watched a movie and also took a nap. i spent time with my sister. then we went to the farmers market. we got peaches and honey sticks. and i got to hang out with becca. and we went to diego's. they have the BEST gringa tacos i have had in the u.s. of a. then i got to see my friend sam lyman who i haven't seen in 2 years! and i saw my friend dan too. and it was lovely to see them. then i took becca home and i thought i should call jessica callahan (having two bffs named jessica is CONFUSING). anyways, i called her and while the phone was ringing i saw her walking down the street! how fortuitous! and then we went to jessicas apartment and i locked my keys in the car... and then we broke into my car. it was pretty hard core. and then we chatted with marie. and while i did nothing extraordinary today, it was still a lovely lovely day.


p.s. i have a TON of plans this weekend: babysitting jackson, wedding shower planning sesh, 46th ward reunion fiesta, levi's birthday celebration, marilyn's birthday party and babysitting davis and sarah during the big game! phew! and then next week i will be staying with my cousin's 5 kids all week! yikes! have a blessed weekend!

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