Monday, February 6, 2012


dear blog,

i went up to rexburg this weekend with my dad, nickie and carly, brian and julie. we stayed with the sturms and overall it was really a lovely and enjoyable weekend. we sang, ate, rode horses, slept, chatted and went to the crossroads concert at byu-i. it was really nice to get away for a couple of days, and the concert was AMAZING.
best friends and nerds
 old men
playing cards
riding cash
julie's a natural
nickie and dale
dad and carly
me and carly
julie and nick
me and dad
nickie makes such a good cowgirl
these adorable boys sang at that concert
second from the right is my friend laurel from newbury park!
my dad's face while crossroads was singing.
carly with crossroads
the twins with crossroads
these adorable small children sang too
dad and brian were singing a tag with these cute twins
dale gave the devotional at byu-i last week and he made a joke about lanyards, so we all made him one. 
it is COLD in idaho...
even though i missed my mom, my dogs and my friends (a little sad, i know,) i still had a reallly fun time.


p.s. for more deets visit nickie's new blog! except don't read the previous post... because it's FALSE.


  1. I want to go horseback riding! You look super cute in that pic with your hood up. Also, what setting was your camera on? (unless that is how all your pics normally look...) I really like it.

  2. I am starting a new goal to make sure I actually put in words all the comments i am THINKING into words. on your blog. because i love your blog.