Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i hate...everyone?

dear blog,

yesterday i took nickie grocery shopping after playing with these little monsters:
and we were kind of in a hurry because i had to go pick up my mom from work and we had to wait for a suuuper long time in line and as we were leaving the parking lot cars kept getting in my way and being dumb and i was a little bit frustrated and i said, "i hate everyone in this parking lot." and nickie started laughing! she has observed (and sometimes thinks it is humorous) that when i'm angry i get angry at everyone. sometimes it is more of an "i hate everyone in this parking lot" than "that specific person is an idiot."

i have been thinking about that ever since she said that. what does that say about me?

part of me thinks this says that i say things like that because they are ridiculously outrageous and comedy usually alleviates frustration, or that i don't want to hurt anyone so i just direct my feelings of frustration globally so that no one feels specifically targeted or offended. but another part of me thinks that i just can't control my anger so it just grows and grows until i really am angry at everyone.

i guess this is not super important, and actually a little bit stupid, but it has just been on my mind.



  1. Haha that's interesting. I hated everyone too a little bit today. Although I think when I hate everyone, I also (or perhaps mostly?) hate myself. Alas.

  2. It's like in sociology where we talk abuot how we say or do things in our car that we wouldn't normally do because there is a physical barrier. Also, you are like the nicest person i know so i enjoyed this post