Sunday, February 26, 2012

state champion

dear blog,

this last week maddie's basketball team played in the girl's basketball 4a state championship tournament. and.... THEY WON!!! it was sooo much fun. they played woods cross on monday, bonneville on wednesday, skyline on friday and springville on saturday. we weren't expected to win it, and timpanogos girls basketball has never won a state championship before! maddie played so well. she is such a rockstar! what i love about maddie on and off the court is that she is silently awesome, more of a behind-the-scenes type of girl. also, i love how she is such a great sport and always makes a point to have a good attitude, energize her team, and include everyone. she has worked really hard at basketball all through high school and even before. she really deserves this triumph, and i am so proud of her!
chris is the bomb and came to every game with us!
my cousin jonathon is a cheerleader for skyline!
chris, dad and nickie at in'n'out
chris napping on the way
chris loving his steak sandwich at the philadelphian
nickie and chris in their t-wolf get ups
we decorated all the cars and the house :)
kailey and maddie
dad in his timberwolf tall-t trying to be "gangster"
dani's sister marissa
teammates and friends
the final score
maddie's team

p.s. after she got home she showered and got ready and went to preference. i think that is hilarious and adorable. isn't she so beautiful?! love you, baby girl!
p.p.s. read nickie's blog about maddie too!

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