Tuesday, March 6, 2012


dear blog,

don't take this the wrong way, buuuut, i kind of love when a member of my family is in the hospital. here's why: 1. they are there to get better! and 2. when someone has a brush with sickness i feel like it brings out the best in everybody else. i just love how everybody bands together and gets along. gramma dowd was in the hospital for the weekend because she got salmonella poisoning from some cross-contamination on a slice of costco pizza and she was sick for a couple of days and lost so many fluids that she passed out in the bathroom in the middle of the night and bonked her head pretttty good. she didn't have a concussion, but they rehydrated her at the hospital and they said that the symptoms of the salmonella will go away after a couple of days. she will take a couple of weeks to get all of her strength back, and she has a pretty sick shiner from hitting her head, but other than that she will be just fine!
anyways this weekend i found myself overwhelmed by how awesome my family is and how lucky i am to be part of a group of people that i love and who i know love me and would be there right by my side being slightly too rowdy and embarrassing if i were ever to be in the hospital.



  1. I knew I didn't like costco pizza for a reason! And I knew I LOVED your family for a reason!~

  2. whoa!! that IS one sick shiner! you weren't kidding. poor thing!