Friday, March 30, 2012


dear blog,

i realize i haven't posted in awhile, but not for lack of things to talk about. i just... haven't i guess. but here is a rundown of life lately. a picture list if you will.
mom turned 55 and i made a cheesecake
this girl came to surprise her daddy for his birthday!
peeta and gale? haha
i love my friends.
looking fly in our hg shirts
we threw dad and brian a surprise luau for their 50th birthday!
prom dress shopping
spending lots of time with these weirdos
and this weirdo
and now i'm watching these cuties
and wednesday night we planned our disneyland trip! so far it's nickie and becca and nickie's friends brittany and stephanie. it is going to be SO FUN!! we have 2 open seats... any takers? also, tonight i'm going to The Porch with lauren, lindsey, jessica callahan and jacob newman. i'm really excited! and this weekend is general conference AND i get to meet maddie's love interest. YES, PLEASE.

happy weekend!


p.s. i've had this song on repeat all week.


  1. can I have one of those seats??? I'm going through serious disney withdrawals right about NOW! I love that prom dress!

  2. omg how have we not talked about that song? I was obsessed with it for like 2 weeks haha. it was also during my twilight phase, so I justified it in that I had temporarily turned back into a teenage girl lol.