Monday, March 19, 2012


dear blog,

i inadvertently inhaled my fair share of paint fumes today as i tried to finish everyone's t-shirts for the midnight premiere of the hunger games on thursday night. i wanted to finish today because i'm pretty busy tomorrow and i want to wash them and distribute them in time. they have been SO MUCH WORK. but today as i painstakingly sprayed everyone's personalized message letter-by-letter onto their shirt i couldn't help but feel like cinna, styling everyone to make an impression for the start of the games. i love the hunger games books so much because not only are they extremely entertaining, but they also force the reader to think twice about social and ethical issues. not to mention that i feel like the characters are my best friends. i finished 11 shirts today and there are 4 more forthcoming. we are going to look amazing. i am so excited!!!

here are a couple of samples for your viewing pleasure:
the front of every shirt looks like this
the back of jeff's shirt
the back of jessica's shirt
the back of becca's shirt
the back of nickie's shirt
the back of megan's shirt
well folks, happy hunger games!

and may the odds be ever in your favor.


p.s. it was also freezing today! it snowed more last night than it has for the whole winter combined i think!
p.p.s. i DEFINITELY didn't do it alllll by myself. nickie, maddie, carly, aunt julie and especially becca helped too!


  1. so jealous!!! I didn't have anyone to go w/ at midnight :( I wish we lived closer!!!!