Tuesday, May 22, 2012

before and after disneyland

dear blog,

sorry i haven't posted in ages! but the internet at home hasn't been working so i couldn't really blog. but here i am! back in full swing and i figured i'd pick up where i left off... and i know it was awhile ago, but i still wanted to post all of the pictures from the rest of our california trip a couple of weeks ago. here they are!
we left saturday after i was done at distribution and we drove to las vegas.
jason is the worst! (bec and i saw this billboard on the drive and for some reason decided to hate on jason the whole trip... which was hilarious.)
stephanie's dad had hotel points and got us a room at the hilton inn and suites at the las vegas airport. 

the bed was amazing! and we got a free breakfast!
right after we got into california there was a massive traffic jam and all of the cars were STOPPED and everyone got out of their cars right on the freeway! it was so crazy/fun. but it turned out there was a big accident... so that wasn't fun.
on sunday at joan and will's we just relaxed, showered, played the wii, watched movies and prepared for disneyland
and nickie got pretty weird...


then we went to disneyland.... 
on thursday morning we did a bunch of laundry and then we met up with susie and had dinner and then went and picked a trillion oranges and lemons and grapefruits and tangelos and loquats are her house.

thursday night we went to ellen's to hang out. we played taboo and it was so fun! it was so good to see her and her parents and it was a miracle that we just happened to be there at the exact same time!

on friday we went to the beach and ellen came with us. it was such a beautiful day and we all got a  liiiiittle sunburnt (who am i kidding, we were lobsters) but it was lovely.

we went to leo carrillo and there were beautiful tide pools there

nickie's a babe.
for the rest of friday we visited julie and brooke, ate baja fresh, visited becky and olivia and then we went to the jones' and played apples to apples with this adorable friend of mine.

in the morning elise made us fairy bread (an australian specialty that is basically bread with nutella and sprinkles cut into triangles like fairy wings)

then we drove all day saturday and got home before dark. 
 it was not a drama free trip, but it was lovely and definitely worthwhile.



  1. it was awesome seeing you for a couple days and it looks like the rest of your trip was fun! question: what is that purple thing nickie is wearing?? also, I didn't get sunburned at all, but I wasn't there as long as you guys. that mural thing is cool. where was it?

    1. becca lived in thailand for a bit last summer and that purple think nickie is wearing is becca's thailand pants. and that mural was on the way from the parking lot to the beach :)