Friday, May 25, 2012

virgin mobile

dear blog,

this week baby girl got a cell phone.
it's smart and it's fancy, it's her very first one and she is already a master at it! it's so weird to me that her very first phone is this computer and my very first phone was a tiny flip phone with a black and white screen that didn't hold contacts or have texting capabilities. even my second phone didn't have a colored screen and was pretty ghetto and i had that all through high school and during my freshman year of college even. but seriously, i am blown away by how carly and i are not very far apart in age, but technology has moved so fast that her teenage experience is way more technologically advanced than my own. when i was in high school tivo was a miracle and now our tv has the internet and there are literally thousands of movies and shows at your figertips. and i can't decide if this is wonderful or not. a little of both i think, just like most things.

well, baby girl, use it wisely.


p.s. i'm pretty sure she's already texted more than i have on my phone in the six months that i've had it...

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  1. haha that's so funny. I feel like kids get cell phones when they're like 9 now. it's so strange. I mean, I still remember AOL and dial up. I also remember the first time I heard of "google" in 7th or 8th grade and I had no idea what it was and now I can't live without it...