Saturday, May 12, 2012


dear blog,

last week i was at DISNEYLAND! but seriously guys, if you want to know one nerdy/lovely thing about me, it's that i'm a wee bit obsessed with that magical place. (not as much as richie, but still.) and i got to go FOR THREE DAYS. what? i don't think i even remember going for two days, but three was a completely different experience. for example we got to ride pretty much EVERYTHING in disneyland and california adventure and we got to ride the big stuff a million trillion times (which was extra awesome because it was becca's first time ever!) to be honest, i think i prefer just going for one, because we were there so long i feel like we became complacent and the magic faded a little. plus it was just plumb exhausting. but to be fair, i am still in love with it and i would go back in a heart beat (just for a day though) and it will always hold a place in my heart as the happiest place on earth, dangit!
with my best friend, mickey!!! (oh, and becca too)
tea cups

the twilight zone
1st visit!
dole pineapple whip! YUM
i couldn't even make a silly face on this ride because i loved it tooo much
tower of terror

my hair was literally OUT OF THIS WORLD

i'm serious when i say THIS WASN'T PLANNED
on the ferris wheel with an adorable older couple (not nickie and becca... they're taking our picture)

getting eaten by a whale
these storm troopers came up to nickie and asked to take a picture with her!
kill shot! (p.s. this is candid, and therefore embarrassing)

my favorite is the model in the back row. so proper!


strangers and best friends

it's a small world.
nickie is terrified of the swinging cars on the ferris wheel. haha
oh my, i love that place.

also, shout out to my aunt joan and uncle will who let us stay at their place in newport beach! it was sooo nice to be so close and to have somewhere free to stay. thank you thank you thank you!


p.s. i think tower of terror is my favorite favorite.
p.p.s. mickey mouse himself walked right by me and i semi-freaked out but he ignored me in order to greet some children... rude!
p.p.p.s i wore ugly soccer mom shoes all 3 days, but oh boy it was worth it!

(we also stayed in newbury park for 2 days which was SO lovely, but i'll write about that in a different post.)


  1. all of these pictures are my favorite things ever, especially the tea cup pictures.

  2. looks like you guys had a lot of fun! this makes me want to go back haha!

  3. I'm so jealous. But super duper happy you guys had a great time!!!