Thursday, September 6, 2012

good morning

dear blog,

i am not a morning person.

but for my job i have to be at work by 7:30... that means i have to leave my house by 7:15... that means my alarms (yes, plural) are set during the 6 o'clocks. YIKES.

in all honesty i have actually loved being awake and out and about in the early morning when the world is still not quite awake.

i love being the first person to wake up at my house. i love (dare i say it?) breakfast. i love the feeling that the trees and streets are yawning and stretching getting ready for a new day. i love how quickly the sun comes up and the shadows move. i love how morning has its own temperature and its own speed. i love seeing the same old man running diligently every morning. i love that everyday seems twice as long with the morning attached. i love that the pudgy man who lives across from the bus stop waters his lawn with swim trunks and no shirt. i love seeing students of all ages walking with backpacks and tired faces. i love that i hit every single green light on the way to work today. and i think what i love the most is the newness and potential that can be felt in every morning. i love that morning is literally the start to a new day.

so my friends, here's to a fresh start.

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