Tuesday, September 25, 2012

park city

dear blog,

last week my roommates made plans to go to park city on friday night. i was watching kellie's kids so i had to get a babysitter (thanks, mom!) and i got the van to drive so we could all go together (thanks, mom!) and we set off after work to go up and have dinner and hang out. basically we got there with no real plan in mind and wandered for a little bit. we wandered into a cool/weird gallery and then into a boutique next door that was filled with religious artifacts, antiques and art. louis (a new friend from our ward that came with us) suggested that we talk with the man that was working about where we should eat that was reasonably priced and he suggested that we go to this vietnamese place across the street that he always orders take out from. so we headed over. when we got there they were kind of closing up but the owner asked the cook if he wanted to cook for 7 and he said sure! then jessica had the genius idea to have them cook whatever they wanted for us. they loved it and cooked us an awesome family style meal. it was seriously so fun. and then when we were finished eating the owner came up and told us that ron, the man who had referred us over, had paid for all of our meals!! i was so touched and overwhelmed with gratitude (i may have started crying on the spot.) someone then had the idea to thank ron by buying him chocolates and writing him thank yous.

it was such a simple evening, but it was so positive, fun and uplifting.

i LOVE experiences like this that reaffirm that there is good in the world and buoy my spirit so i can handle dealing with the not-so-good in the world.


p.s. i was telling kathy at the distribution center this story and she mentioned how the fact that we said thank you to ron reminded her of the story of the ten lepers and how only one returned to thank Jesus. I'm so grateful for my awesome roommates who are such a great Christ-like example!

p.p.s. becca and lindsey were wearing their dollar sign bling from our dance party the other night and one of the ladies asked where we got them because she thought her granddaughter would love it. haha!

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