Friday, September 28, 2012


dear blog,

by "lately" i mean the last 2 months... be prepared for an overwhelming amount of pictures.
here's what i've been up to (among other things...)
going to megan's wedding!
watching these sillies lose at ultimate frisbee
being best friends with joe cool
enjoying this nook at work
NOT giving up my top knot...
visiting the library once a week
playing dolls with becca and this cutie
making peach pie
and making peach pie
planking at the new city creek center
playing with this cutie
driving with this cuddly bear

making friends with geoff
making friends with geoff
singing with jeff and clara

being obsessed with this cool cat

spending a lot of time with hula girl waiting for the bus
trying frozen hot chocolate... yum
spending time with my keys waiting for the bus
practicing how to avoid hugs... very important.
cuddling this puppy
signing up for a provo city library card
loving when this boy falls asleep
spending time with my cuhrazy family
enjoying my new bff, holmes
reuniting with lanae!
did i mention my family's crazy?
watching anne of green gables
saying good bye to baby girl
covering the walls with jean ralphio
dancing with new friends
wearing all red on rivalry day... woops
sleeping in the most comfortable bed in the universe
spending all day with this lady
but seriously, i love when he falls asleep on my lap.
telling bedtime stories
spending more time with this lady
doing family sealings with my family
life is busy busy busy and getting busier, but i kind of love it.


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