Monday, November 12, 2012

i'm grateful for... mom.

dear blog,

i gave a talk in church a couple weeks ago about developing a Christlike character. i pondered and studied, prayed and researched. i thought a lot about it and i thought i had learned a lot about it. but then last tuesday when i went to vote i saw a Christlike lady in action-- my mom. there was a lady in front of us in line that was there with a young baby and a young toddler. the toddler was bored and the baby was hungry and she was visibly struggling and verbalized several times that she would just come back another time. we were in line behind her for awhile and nickie and i tried to play with the toddler but he wasn't interested. finally my mom joined us in line (she had been chatting) and immediately she noticed this lady's need and she filled it. within minutes my mom had this lady at the front of the line and out of the door.

this lady didn't ask for help. nobody else offered or knew really how to help. plenty of people noticed. but my mom didn't hesitate for one second! i think that is how Jesus would be-- he wouldn't hesitate and he would lovingly do what needed to be done.

i'm so grateful for such a wonderful example in my life. could a girl get any luckier!??
love you mommy!

p.s. she also gave birth to me, so you know, i'm grateful for that too!

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  1. Your mom is pretty amazing, I have to agree. As are all of her children and her husband!!! You guys really are one of our favorite families of all time and I am grateful forever that we moved into the same ward 7 years ago!!!!