Saturday, November 3, 2012


dear blog,

we are such a visual generation. so much importance is placed on appearance and i don't think that is always a bad thing, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for me. i love the idea of documenting our lives (obviously i have this blog where i, you know, document my life) but i feel overwhelmed by this social need to document every cool thing we do or every social interaction we have. my roommates are SO good at this, which i LOVE because i am not as good at remembering. i already feel bad for any children i might have because i know i'll be the kind of parent that takes 8 trillion baby photos of baby number one and three pictures of the rest of the kids (my mom and dad are like this, but hey i'm the oldest so you won't hear me complain!) anyways, tonight i had a very social and fun night and none of it was photographically documented (ironically i guess it has now been electronically documented but what's a girl to do?) i felt no pressure to look cute. i was wearing flannel for heaven's sake! (that flannel joke was for you, becca.) it was just a casual night with new and old friends. and even though there were no photos taken, it still happened and it was still so much fun.

so here's to a photographic break, if only just for tonight.


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