Monday, November 5, 2012


dear blog,

tomorrow is voting day.

i've had a hard time deciding who to vote for for president. i've prayed and pondered about it and i've come up pretty empty. last week i had decided to just not vote because i was that torn and because i'm a resident of utah and my vote won't matter because the electoral votes will be for the republican candidate no matter what. but then my old boss/best friend wendy posted a picture on facebook about how women fought and sacrificed to be able to have the right to vote. i almost started crying when i saw it.  how dare i be so ungrateful for the freedoms and rights that i have that i wouldn't do something as simple as voting?! shame on me! shame on me for being apathetic and ill-informed. shame on me for being embarrassed to say what i believe.

i still think it's a personal decision and i will NOT be sharing who i vote for, but i will be voting and so should you!

patriotically yours,


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