Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Dear blog,

Jessica (Casebolt) moved to Chicago for 3 months this summer for work. She wanted to have her car out there so I drove with her on her way out there and flew back, and Becca and I flew out there at the end of 3 months and drove back. Both trips were a dream come true. I've never thought of myself as a city person because I've always lived in suburbia, but after visiting Chicago I realized that I am hardcore a city girl. I loved every second of being in the city! Everything is old and diverse and beautiful! There are new people and new possibilities around every corner and everything about it really excites me. Highlights include: visiting the Art Institute of Chicago (twice!), Millenium Park, we rode bikes by Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park Zoo, the L train, Chicago dogs, Chicago deep dish pizza, the miracle mile, seeing Wrigley Field, all the beautiful garbage spots, we did an architecture boat tour that was amazing, taking the train to visit Jeff Johnson in Kalamazoo! Topolobampo (Rick Bayless's restaurant where I had the most delicious soup I've ever had in my life,) Del Souel Korean tacos, French market, Chicago comedy sportz, Magnolia bakery, Jenny's Splendid Icecream (the most amazing sundae I've ever had,) the Shedd Aquarium, a random donut shop downtown with the most delicious pistachio donut, uber rides, the Chicago temple, the home alone house, driving through Northwestern, Jessica's singles ward that met in a really cool old school building, getting honked at by real city folk, seeing Mt. Rushmore, visiting EIGHT new states (South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska) and doing it all with my very favorite people. I have to move there someday!

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