Tuesday, June 30, 2009

el primer martes

hola mi familia!

hoy teniamos clases otra vez. me gusta mas las clases hoy que ayer. y after clases we had a meeting about our excursions and what not and appartanly because our group is so small we only get to go on two outing, pero the universidad y everyone is excited that we're here so they are going to let us use a bus and get other discounts so we are going to go on 5 o 6 otros excursiones and we only will have to pay about 75 dollars, (american not pesos) which i thought was a good deal looking at all the stuff we are going to do... anyways, hoy comimos watermelon para el desayuno and a fried egg which was really delicious actually. and for lunch i had carne con arroz y platanos. it was sooooo goooood. she cooked the rice with chicken stock i think? idk it was muy rico! y fuimos a la tortilleria(?) so we had these fresh warm corn tortillas that were sooo goooood tambien. also i had this weird popsicle thing that was in plastic like an ottor pop but it was fat and it was creamy and when i was almost done, the melted part was like jello... entonces, mis compeneras de clase querian ir al "centro" which is basically downtown merida i think, so nuestra madre yucateca put us on a bus and we walked around the centro. i felt like everyyonnne was staring at us (because they were) las solitas chicas rubias alli! then after awhile it started raining... and raining... and raining. so much lluvia! seriously, the rain drops were falling harder than the water in thier shower. we were soaked in casi UN minuto! it was glorious, the rain was warm and the air was warm too, so being soaking wet was una temperatura perfecta! entonces we were just walking around in the rain and we found some other girls from our programa so we walked around with them. and then we ran into this old man that started talking to us about how he used to live in the united states forty years ago and how he tutors rich kids in english and italian and french and german and he speaks mayan! entonces the other girls we were with started talking about how they wanted to buy una hamaca (hammock) because apparantly the best hamacas are made here and so the guy told us the best place to get them, pero las chicas were un poquito confused, so this sketch old man with a limp escorted us to the hammack shop where the only people inside were like 6 otro hombres that were also a little sketchy and they took us to this back room with hammocks and tried to get us to buy them... it was a little creepy... entonces regresamos en el camion and the bus driver just kept laughing at us because we were sopping wet. and our bus almost got hit by lighting! and then when we got off the bus, there was literally 2 feet of water in the street and we had to wade our way home. (don't worry, it was still raining) what an aventura, no? i survived my first monsoon! :) bueno, i had a lot of fun today and i'm excited for all of the stuff we have to come! el viernes vamos a la playa y a algos ruinas y vamos a tener una fiesta for the fourth of july! tambien, el novio de carmita, que se llama sergio, told me that he is in a church choir/band thing and i told him me gusta cantar and so he got all excited and wanted me to sing with them on thursday night when they come over for practice... pero no se... we'll see!

anyways, i'm still having so much fun and i am learing a ton! mi accento ya esta mejorando and i get less and less afraid to talk to people.

love/miss you!

hilary y yo despues de la lluvia!

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  1. oh my goodness- you sound like you are having the time of your life! you would find the sketchiest people in the country wouldnt you? but its good to hear about your trip!