Tuesday, June 16, 2009

two things...

dear blog,

so, two things.

one: my entire family is gone this week, minus my dad and myself. the last of them left this morning, and i already feel so lonely in this house all by my lonesome. mom and rich are in california, maddie's at basketball camp in st. george, and nickie and carly are at girl's camp. and dad doesn't usually get home from work until 7 or later. sigh. oh well.

two: in twelve days, i will be in mexico!!! i can NOT even wait. except i really can. i'm kind of nervous about all of the spanish speaking and taking classes and such. but otherwise, i am UBER excited. my study abroad to guadalajara got cancelled for spring term, but they rescheduled for summer!!! instead of guadalajara we are going to merida (accent on the e) which is a hundred times better (minus the fact that it is more expensive.) guadalajara is a huge city with normal things to do, but merida is a smaller city with ruins around, its closer to the beach and our group will be more than half as small as before! plus, because i didn't go before, i got to say goodbye to my grandma and such. also, it is cheaper to fly in and out of cancun and then take a bus, so me and a bunch of other kids are staying in cancun for 3 or 4 days after to just play on the beach and such! it is so perfect. 12 days though, i have so much to prepare! i guess its a good thing no one is here to get in my way.


funny how life goes on, huh?



  1. That's great that you get to go to Mexico this summer! I write for Gulliver, a study abroad/travel website and came across your blog. I just returned from a trip to Loreto, in Baja California Sur. It was awesome! I'm ready to go back. Studying in a small town is totally worth it. The locals are great and being near a beach is magical. Have a great time!

    If you need any help getting ready for Mexico - figuring out cell phone, housing, credit cards, all those tedious things, check out our Prepare to Go section on Mexico. Also, our website has a blog and we welcome outside contributors who are currently abroad. If you feel like writing about your experiences before, during, and after your trip we'd love to post them! Have a great trip!

  2. Oww Oww! Do you need anything before you go? Like a parting gift? Also, James Archibald served his mission in Merida. I hate him. And I love you. If you get too lonely just let me know. P.S. It's Boyd's birthday! :D