Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my first day and a halllffff

querida familia,

llego a mexico ayer a las 3. the flight was 100% full. i sat next to the cutest little couple from espana. there was a bunch of turbulance landing-- fun! and it was raining when we landed. then we had to fill out a questionaire about whether we had the swine flu symptoms and i got a stamp in my passport! and we went through customs & i had to open up my bag because i had a big box of batteries... it really freaked me out. and as soon as we stepped off the plane my hair frizzed out beyond anyone's control. then i switched mi dinera a pesos y compro un boleto to take a bus from the airport to the bus terminal. and then we took another bus from cancun to merida. the bus ride was sooo long it seemed, but i could look out the window the first 2 hours before it got pitch black! its weird how dark it gets without all the light pollution. we drove past une monton of really ghetto/awesome city y muchos muchos really cool arboles. i was still so excited and the trees were so cool that it felt like i was on a ride at disneylandia haha! then we got to merida around 10 and our cute little host familia picked us up. seriously though, the mom is probaly like 4 feet tall. and everyone here is TINY! i feel like an amazon woman ALL THE TIME. carly, you would even feel tall here ;). and it doesn't help that i have a big bush of blonde curly hair on the top of my head/ am the whitest person i've seen yet. anyways our family is so cute! they brought us back and fed us "hot cakes" haha and we just chatted for a couple of hours. and then i took a shower. a cold shower has never felt better in my entire life. then hoy fuimos a la universidad modelo and we had three classes from 8-3:30 ALL in spanish. the first class we uber-boring and i honestly could not even focus enough to care what he was saying. its 395, a culture class about the yucatan, but all the profesor did was read the syllabus and repeat everything to take up the whole TWO HOURS. entonces, los otros clases son muy divertidos! i was nervous that i wouldn't be good enough at spanish, but honestly i think i am more comfortable than most of our group. for lunch tenemos enchiladas de pollo con mole... muy rico! yummm. they were sooo good! it made me think about grandpa turley because he always tries to make us eat mole. haha. anddd i just took a siesta which was glorious because i barely slept the night before and last night we only slept about cinco horas. anyways... i really like it here. a veces i get a little tired of speaking spanish and my brain turns off for un minuto, pero hay mucho tiempos cuando siento como la gente estan hablando en ingles porque entiendo todo que estan diciendo. es muy interesante. y other times, i feel like i can't understand anything. but i am definitely learning! i really like the way the city feels too (not the humidity, or the heat) but i like the kind of run down feeling. and all the houses are gated in and a lot of them are bright colors. idk, i love it!

si tienen preguntas por favor preguntanme! i feel like this email does nothing justice, pero i'm honestly loving everything!

i love you all!

i wish you guys could be here and see all the crazy stuff i have even in one day! haha also, when i tell people that my family is as tall or taller than me (menos uno) their eyes get really big like its the freakiest thing they've ever heard!

hasta luego,

p.s. haha no one can say rochelle. carmita wants to call me rosh. lol
p.p.s. aqui son dos picturas de mi cuarto. the one with me is a picture of the beds and the other picture is my roommate and the shelves where our clothes are. there's also a desk and a no se... coffee table thing? pero, es mas largo de mi cuarto en nuestra casa! haha

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