Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy thursday

dear blog,

things on my mind today:

i want a shamrock shake.
i bought the shirt i'm wearing for $2.50.
erik comes home in ONE WEEK from TODAY.
it's thursday.
thursday is my favorite day.
the man scraping the wallpaper off at work is named Rodger.
Rodger is my computer's name.
byu just won.
i have a basketball game tonight.
harriet is such a good friend.
i had a really nice time at walmart last night.
yesterday i spent the evening with my grandparents and carl.
it was lovely.
also, it's sunny and beautiful and i'm wearing a skirt and sandals.


p.s. this picture is my desktop at work and i am quite in love with it.

order of dog-pile: brian, me, liv, nickie, rich

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