Thursday, March 4, 2010

lost and found

dear blog,

i must apologize. i have been stuck in a horrible funk lately. i got sick over valentine's day weekend. i ditched school friday, no school monday and i ditched tuesday too. then the next week i skipped some too. i was soooooo out of it. Honestly, i had nooo motivation to do ANYTHING. except maybe sleep and watch shows on hulu.

But, for some miraculous reason, yesterday i found my mojo! woo hoo! i woke up early and i got ready for the day and i went to all my classes. i exercised in the middle of the day with jessica callahan. i ate lunch and studied. i took my 327 test and got a NINETY THREE!!!!!!!! i even got a note on the testing center screen. they told me i was FANTASTIC! haha when i walked down the stairs there was a guy standing there and i looked up and i saw my score and i was like "i got a note!" and the guy gave me a weird/angry look and left. i'm assuming he did NOT get a happy note. then i met up with soon-to-be HERMANA jessica casebolt and we ate sandwiches and picked up lanae and sarah vera and ate delicious cupcakes at the cocoa bean. it was glorious to play and reminisce one last time.

anyways, the point is, i was "gone" and now i'm back!


p.s. i think that the above lack of motivation is a result of the lack of spring break at BYU... just sayin.

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