Wednesday, March 24, 2010

looooooonggeeeessstttt daaaaayyyyy evvveerrrrrrr

dear blog,

today was the longest day EVER. i woke up and i have been going all day.
(btdubs this post will probably be boring)

i woke up and went to class. then i had lunch with nicole. then i studied for statistics for forever while listening to people play the guitar in the wilk. chatted with colson for a bit (he's ENGAGED!) took statistics. studied for president's of the church. took that test. (p.s. that is two tests right in a row.... it kind of sucked). then i walked to my car and stopped and visited with becca and natalie at work. then i ran into seth-- which was weird. and i told him i was engaged and he believed me... bahahah! then i went to jessicas and scarfed down some angel hair pasta and then went to this stand-up thing she did at the branbury. made some weird new friends. then we went and visited levi, just like old times. then i met up with lanae and we made a special cake and visited harriet and now i am here at harriet's. i just finished my stats hw (which isn't due till friday, yay me!) and now i am writing in my blog.

honestly though? even though today was crazy, i LOVE days like this. because i feel like i was using my time for good every minute. honestly, i didn't waste hardly ANY time. and now i am thoroughly exhausted, but i love that feeling. the feeling of having accomplished so much in one day that you are physically drained. it feels so good.


p.s. when lanae and i were at smith's there was a cart full of flowers with a sign on it that said "MARKDOWD" haha. i think it meant "mark dowN"

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  1. hahaa..favorite part: seth thinks youre engaged!!! ooooh seth!! hahaa