Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls night... plus andrew.

dear blog,

my dear friend Carmen is in town for the weekend, and i completely spaced that she was coming until she texted me on wednesday night and was like "i'm here!" and i was like "oh crap!" not because i didn't wan't to see her, but just because i was so busy on wednesday that i didn't have time to do anything to prepare for thursday, and i had a huge writing assignment due thursday night at midnight, and i had work, which was actually super busy, and a creative project due and a review session and a meeting with a study group. phew! just saying all that makes me tired. but by some MIRACLE i got everything i needed to done and even an hour before i had expected! it was seriously sooooo amazing, because i was honestly expecting to not get done and not get to spend time with her.

ANYWAYS... i did get to and it was awesome.
we met up at kamry's place and chatted for a bit.
then we hit up the herm-meister's basketball game
then we all went to fat cat's and bowled three and a half games till it closed. ( & i may or may not have sucked)

it was really fun and good to spend time with carmen and the gang. did i mention that she is PREGNANT!
it is so strange how we were all at the same exact place in life only 2 years ago, but now carmen is having children and marta is getting hitched and becs is heading out on a mission in JULY. and yes, i am graduating in december which is Awesome and it is a really big step in life, but it just feels so far away, and there is a part of me that can't help but feel left behind.

why is that?

its not a big deal. it was still super fun and really nice to just chill and spend time together, and joke around, and bowl, just like old times. it was so so lovely.


p.s. carmen is having a little seth jr.! yay! and here is a pic of us "back in the day"


  1. back in the day.... great memories! sorry i bailed out for the rest of the weekend, but my granny from chile is here....
    and ro, you are the best.

  2. oh we are all just so perfect for each other. love love love