Saturday, June 5, 2010

(nearly) perfect saturday

dear blog,

today was so lovely!
i slept in, but not too too much.
i took a shower.
i worked.
i bought some meat at the buy low market.
i may or may not have flirted with the butcher to get the meat i wanted...
i also may or may not have flirted with the cashier...
what!? i was on a roll!
then i played volleyball with jessica and co. for like 2+ hours. it was lovely.
i got some sun-- just enough that i don't look SOO pasty and not so much that i am burnt.
then i came home.
nickie and i went and got chinese takeout...
and mom payed for it (SCORE).
took a shower (two in one day! now i don't have to take one the rest of the week!)
and EVERYBODY left except carly.
and we've just been chillin and watching movies.
not to mention i had a huge glass of ice water, a coconut popsicle (YUM) AND carly put lotion on my feet.


p.s. i COMPLETELY forgot to turn in an assignment that was due by five o'clock today and i actually do not care AT ALL.

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