Tuesday, June 22, 2010


dear blog,

hello again! school FINALLY ended. i was taking the maximum amount of credits, and now it is obvious to me why people are not even allowed to take more. i don't think i realized how stressed i was until friday afternoon after i turned in my last assignment. a huge massive weight was lifted off of me. it was GLORIOUS. PLUS i'm pretty sure i got pretty good grades. aren't you so proud?

well, i haven't written in FOREVVVAAAH, so i have a LOT to say, but i probably won't say it all. or maybe i will, but i have found that the less committed i am, the less bad i feel about myself when i actually don't write anything :)

now that school assignments are DONE (until fall atleast) here is a list of my summer projects:
- deep clean our room
- sell all of my textbooks (or put them up for sale i guess)
- purge my wardrobe
- clean up & organize the documents/pictures on my computer
- take the G.R.E... maybe
- apply to grad programs (yikes!)
- mission papers!!!
- appeal to walk in August, order cap and gown etc.
- work work work

among other things, but this is a pretty hefty list if you ask me.

happy summer FINALLY!

p.s. all my freshman friends are coming home from their missions! weird/awesome, yeah?

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