Wednesday, June 23, 2010

R.I.P. Taz

Dear blog,

my dear uncle brian got married a couple months back and moved into a small place in st. george with his new lady nancy. (btw nancy is a doll, and we just love her!) but the place they are living in is quite small and brian has a beautiful dog that is quite large-- taz. soooo badda bing badda boom taz has been living with us.

(taz is the huge one on the couch.)

seriously, he is such a beauty! he is a greyhound and can run SUPER FAST. he used to be a hunting dog. he lived on a big ranch and killed coyotes. he has a bunch of awesome scars from it. sick, huh!? the other day a bird landed on the front lawn and taz pounced and swallowed that bad boy WHOLE. yeah, he's pretttty bad-a. but taz is also the sweetest little thing you have ever met. he is so calm and patient. and he will cuddle you all night long. i love him! our whole family loves him. and i know that taz was there for brian when he was having a rough time of things.

(nickie and taz cuddling.)

anyways, friday night taz was flying around a corner in our neighborhood at his colossal greyhound speeds and was hit by a car.

long story short, he died or "was put to sleep" if we are being pc. and it was really sad. i've definitely cried everyday since friday. i may or may not be sitting at work with tears streaming down my cheeks. its so crazy how you can get so attached to an animal. and me of all people! a couple of years ago if a dog tried to lick me or get in my bed i would have FREAKED OUT, but now i love nothing more than getting kisses from taz or waking up to a bed full of cuddly puppies.

anyways, it was kind of, i don't want to say funny, but ironic? because the girl that hit taz was like an animal rights hippie that owns a doggy day care company. and my momma said that after she hit taz she was just sobbing uncontrollably. and the next day she brought us over a plant an was still crying.

taz, you will be missed, but we know you are in a better place.


p.s. even mav and doc are sad too.

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