Wednesday, June 2, 2010


dear blog,

i can NOT believe it's june... only two more weeks of class!!! i can't even wait. seriously.

in anticipation of my freedom, harriet and i have made a list of our summer plans:

-mesquite weekend
-washington visit lauren, carmen, dan, the allens!
-get ho a drivers lisence
-hit up every possible dollar movie
-slip and slide rock canyon style
-drink my first beer
-get a tan
-get a pedicure (check)
-swim A LOT
-play in the park
-day in slc
-do something harmless/hilarious to levi's car and blame it on efy kids.
-learn to make cream cheese frosting the right way
-learn how to make italian sodas
-tube down the provo river
-picnic on antelope island
-huge water fight
-make margaritas (VIRGIN)
-movie outside
-eat snow cones at the one place
-photo shoot in the desert
-bridal veil falls
-spontaneous things



  1. Did you just throw the "drink my first beer" in there to see if anyone would notice? You're hilarious!

  2. Bahaha! I was like, "drink my first beer, what the eff?". Can I be involved in some of those things? I like some of them!

  3. As in ROOT BEER??????? Qu'est-ce que c'est??????

  4. Haha, rochelle, I love how you put "drink my first beer" and then "make margaritas (VIRGIN)" in big capital letters. Of course you're not doing the beers virgin..hahaha. JK. ILY chica! tu es la meuillere!!! :D