Tuesday, November 16, 2010


dear blog,

saturday night was too cold for a bonfire, too lazy for the hot springs, and we got ditched by caleb (so he could go rockclimbing alone: nerd) and eric (who went to velour barf).

so we (ho, lola y yo)...
1. had a low key dance party (pretty standard-- blacklights, hair whipping, the works)
2. parked at 7-11 to watch people and make a list of all possible ideas of things to do (literally ALL-- every idea makes it on the list, no matter how stupid).
3. decided to check B.N.I. off of our fabulous list.

what is b.n.i. you ask?

(it went from a Girl's Night Out to a Girl's Night In to a B.N.I... don't ask, because i do not even know how this happened)

how do you make a b.n.i. you ask?

ingredients include:
wedding treats (i.e. pumpkin cupcakes-- it's a fall themed wedding duh, and bread and cheese)
miscellaneous bridal attire (i.e. veils and garters-- this is not a crucial ingredient, but it does enhance the experience)
one+ bridal magazine (magazines with lots of dresses are the best kind)
one "chick flick" film with bridal plot/wedding scenes (we chose "when in rome" because it was on netflix instant replay)
b.n.i. is best when everyone is wearing their jim jams, candles are lit, and lots of cuddly blankets are involved.
b.n.i. is not for the desperate or lonely (or else it would be pretty depressing)
b.n.i. is only to be shared with best friends.

until the next b.n.i.,

p.s. eric joined us half way through and i quite loved it.

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