Saturday, November 27, 2010

if you don't like my driving...

dear blog,

today i was driving around running errands with my momma and my sisters and there was tons of holiday shopping traffic. well we were just driving merrily along and this stupid huge truck thing was driving like a crazy person and kind of cut me off, nbd, but i was just like "what the HECK do you think you are doing!?" (because they can hear me, obviously,) and then we were stopped at a red light and i look at their license plate cover and it says "if you don't like my driving... you should see my butt."

needless to say, my day was made.


p.s. what it REALLY said was "if you don't like my driving, you should see me putt," but their car was so dirty that it looked like it said "my butt".

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