Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rainy days and mondays always get me down

dear blog,

sunday night i started writing a (sad) post about how lonely i am and how its been really hard and what not. and then yesterday, that really turned around. yesterday i was having a really rough day and my sisters took me out to lunch (okay, i paid, but they invited me.) and then we went to a movie (beastly. stupid movie, but stupid enough that i laughed the whole time.) and we had cocoa bean cupcakes (yummm). and i got an email from my baby brother even though i didn't email him first! and i got a happy email from beca! (and becca too, actually!) and kamry messaged me (even though i blew her off last week.) and when i was shooting around in the drive way this adorable old man rode by on his bike and said "nice jimmer shot!" and what was making out to be a sad lonely day turned into a reassuring lovely day. sunday i felt like the most boring person in the entire universe and yesterday i felt loved.

thank you. thank you.


p.s. i LOVE this song. sad but hopeful. karen carpenter is SOOO GOOOD! i seriously can't get over it.


  1. i wish you would find your carpenters tape so we could listen to this song ALL THE TIME in your car.
    carpenters themed sing-a-long?