Friday, March 4, 2011


dear blog,

lately i've been working on this jigsaw puzzle, and it is REALLY HARD. i'm not the best at jigsaw puzzles, i'm not really the best at anything these days, but i'm okay with that. anyways, what i really like about puzzles is that every little piece has a designated place. that piece belongs there. once you find that place, the specific piece fits perfectly and snaps right in. i love that feeling. its so fulfilling every time you find where a piece goes, and even more fulfilling seeing the end result. that's another thing i love about puzzles; you open the box and there is just a jumble of pieces that alone seem like random splashes of color and lines, but once every piece is in its place, the puzzle becomes a beautiful picture of a landscape, or a building, or an animal. i like to think that i am my own little random puzzle piece right now, and that one day i will find my place, my purpose, my contribution to the big picture of life.

one day.


p.s. all this talking about puzzle pieces reminds me of this song:


  1. I know a little place in Maple Valley where your puzzle piece would fit:)

  2. omg i love puzzles! we should do a puzzle together lol. can i be a little piece of your puzzle when you find the right one? (so cheesy... lol)

    also, you're welcome, for introducing you to the postal service a million years ago. haha.

    miss you!

    ps. i'm finally gonna start reading your blog! and hopefully posting more in my own...