Sunday, March 6, 2011

one dollar

dear blog,

last night i had a semi-traumatic experience with a close friend of mine. its a long story, but she was pretty sick and so i left her apartment to go and get some crackers and ginger ale for her to eat. when i got to the check out line at macey's the total was only $3.59 and i swiped my debit card and it was declined. WHAT? EMBARRASSING. so i tried it again. DECLINED. so i start searching through my wallet for some cash. come on, all i need is $3.59. i get all of the change out that i have and i only have $2 and seventy-something cents. i was so flustered and embarrassed and just as i was about to admit defeat and just get the crackers, the nice young checker asked me "would it be okay if i borrowed you a dollar?" "what?" i said. (i was genuinely confused because he actually said 'borrow you a dollar') "can i borrow you a dollar?"  really? what a wonderful tender mercy. i know that he probably just felt bad for me, and one dollar really is not that much, but at the time it was exactly what i needed and that small sum made a world of difference for me. darling checker boy, thank you, thank you, thank you. it's experiences like this that restore my faith in mankind and remind me that people are generally good.


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  1. Um, no way! She was 12 when we first met you guys. THat's crazy. Happy Birthday Nickie!