Thursday, March 10, 2011


dear blog,

thursday is my favorite day. and lately every thursday has been Lame with a capital L. as in NOTHING happens. at all. ever. BUT, today have been so lovely! i woke up and cleaned my room. (this is a big deal. and yes, every piece of laundry is away, and yes, i vacuumed). and it's warm enough to drive with the windows down (my favorite). & now i'm babysitting and davis and i went for a lovely walk outside. its so nice! and i also have plans to see a large number of my favorite people today.

today has been probably the only thursday-worthy thursday this whole year.


p.s. i am obsessed with this song, and so are jackson and davis. whenever i play it and the song is over jackson will like freak out, "again? again? again?" so cute!

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  1. play metallica for them. instead of girl music.