Thursday, April 19, 2012

age ambiguous

dear blog,

i'm pretty sure that i've complained on here before about being mistaken for the wrong age. let me relay two such experiences and maybe you will understand my confusion regarding this matter:

experience 1: at the beginning of maddie's basketball season my mother and i went to a game and when we were buying tickets the lady asked me if i was a student... as in if i was a currently enrolled student at timpanogos high school... as in she thought i was 16. my mom thought it was hilarious and she told the lady no, i was not a student there. and then i defended my maturity by explaining that i am indeed no longer an enrolled student anywhere as i am a graduate from an accredited university. 

experience 2: the other day i went to the temple with my mom and one of the adorable temple workers thought that we were sisters. but seriously, my mom is 32 years older than me...

but this happens all the time. people will think any one of my sisters is older than me. but people will also think that i am the mother of one of my siblings the youngest of which is only 7 years younger than me.


i was telling my friends about that second experience the other day and blake mentioned that he thinks that i am age ambiguous. that i could really pass for any age between 16 and 35. and you know what, folks? i think he's absolutely right. and really, i think people see what they want to see.

so, here's to you, age ambiguity.
let's hope i still can pass for 20 when i'm 35.



  1. I was at the store once with my sister and Ben and the bagger asked if "the daughter" (meaning me) would like to hold the bag. My sister was pretty upset haha. She's only 6 years older than me haha! But I think some customers at work think that I'm like 12, or maybe like 16 or 17 at the oldest lol.

  2. Followed your pretzel recipe to your blog. I think women are just tender about their appearance. I have a high speaking voice so at least 50% of the time, people ask if my Mom is home when I answer the phone. It's super awkward when one of Brian's colleagues or other business people mistake me for being 8 years old. However, I've learned just to laugh it off because no one is trying to be hurtful. Besides, it comes in handy when I want to get rid of a telemarketer.