Friday, April 20, 2012

congenital anomaly

dear blog,

yesterday i was just hanging out with nicole, we may or may not have signed up for pottermore, but basically we were just hanging out. then when i was getting dressed my back was kind of hurting. like it was hard to bend down, but it was still fine. then maddie and i went to the store and bought some more kosher salt so we could make soft pretzels everyday but when we got home my back was hurting so badly that i couldn't even really walk or move. so my mom gave me some ibuprofen and i just was laying down in my parent's room for a couple of hours and as long as i didn't move it was totally fine. but come 9 o'clock i wanted to get into my own bed and sleep/my dad wanted to watch the mentalist and i have no interest in that show. so i tried to get up but my back was hurting so bad that i was sobbing/screaming in agony. seriously, i have never experienced pain like that before. so my dad gave me a blessing and then my parents forced me to go to the emergency room.
i got an x-ray and then the doctor came and looked at me (more like touched me all over my back and then made me move around until i hurt a lot.) he said the x-ray didn't show anything that would cause me to hurt like this, but there was one possibly weird thing, a rare "congenital anomaly," but he wasn't sure so he called the radiologist and sure enough i do have a congenital anomaly in the sacrum part of my spine which i guess is the part at the bottom that curves. all the bones are supposed to be fused together in a line, but the top bone on mine is not fused in line with the others. this isn't what is causing my pain though, just a freakish coincidence. basically i just have a pinched nerve and i just need to take it easy, keep it loose, ice it and medicate for the pain until it gets better (which better be like, tomorrow because disneyland is waiting for me).

p.s. earlier today i was in so much pain that i passed out! or blacked out? i'm not sure which... because neither has happened to me before!

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  1. That sounds horrible but I'm glad you're feeling better!