Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RIP top knot

dear blog,

lately i have been having regular headaches. as in every day. it's the WORST. i'm not a big headache person. i used to get sinus headaches when i had chronic sinusitis in high school, but other than that i almost never get a headache. so you can imagine my annoyance at this almost constant ache in my head. well, i hate going to the doctor so i decided to diagnose myself and obviously since i haven't had new glasses in 2 years, this was a case of time-to-get-a-new-prescription-itis. so i made myself an appointment at america's best eyecare (this does not count as the doctor) and i went yesterday. and to my total shock and dismay my prescription is THE SAME. my eyes haven't changed at all!! WHAT THE? how can my personal/professional diagnoses be so far off?? (in other news i told the doctor how i don't read or do anything up close with my glasses on and he told me that i could 1. get bifocals or 2. just start doing everything with my glasses on and my eyes will adjust just like everyone else in the world who is nearsighted and wears glasses. am i dumb for thinking it would make my eyes worse to wear my glasses when i don't need them?) so basically that was not the reason for these headaches.

as i entered back into diagnoses mode it hit me...


like sometimes my hair will be up and i'll have a headache and taking it down makes it mostly go away. and my mom sometimes talks about how when she was my age she had so much hair and she would get migraines until she cut it off.

needless to say i am devastated. i reallly like my hair and how low maintenance it is and how easy it is to make it look like i want it to. and i really like the length. but it is just so heavy. i honestly don't think i can cut it though. so for now what this dr. has ordered is no more top knots. no more high pony tails. and more showering (yikes).
rest in peace, top knot.

p.s. this is me with "short hair." basically i look ridiculous. I DONT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!


  1. I've been thinking the same thing about my hair!! Maybe you could try thinning it out if you don't want to cut it. I bought thinning shears and do it myself sometimes. I guess we should be grateful to have thick, luscious hair, but sometimes its tough! :)

  2. I only wear my glasses when I need them because I too, think it will make my eyes worse to wear them all the time. And hayley is right, you only have to thin your hair, not cut it. Thinning will also make it curl easier and bounce more, if you want it too that is:)

  3. hair headaches are the worst. i had to give up high ponies too.