Monday, December 31, 2012


dear blog,

2012 was a very good year for me.

here are some highlights  (and lowlights)!
i made some new best friends. 
jackson moved :(
horseback riding in rexburg
rexburg for the crossroads concert
st. george with my besties
state champion!
i pinched a nerve in my back.
elise! (i'm seriously obsessed with her)
visiting susie's house!
hanging out with this lady everyday this summer
rooftop concerts pre-panda's mission
maddie graduated!
camping with lauren, bob, jeff & the wellings
50's bbq
sister time at aspen grove!
summer loving
i started working with M
seriously, so much sister time.
hazel, andrew & catherine
maddie moved to idaho.
i moved to provo!
i made loads of new awesome friends!
living with these ladies is a highlight!!
our park city miracle!
camping at the gc
my awesome birthday party
maddie surprised me for my birthday!
staying at the bishop's cabin at fairview!
carrie walker is my best friend!
working at the distribution center
family christmas/talking to richie!
it was seriously a GOOD year.
i feel good about my 2012 resolutions (never withhold a generous thought, go to the temple twice a month, make an honest effort to do selfless service). i'll be honest, i didn't go to the temple this month and i DON'T feel good about that, but next month i'll be better!

my goals for the new year:
1. read 35 books (book of mormon included)
2. go to the temple twice a month
3. be nicer (i.e. no more backhanded compliments!)

i'm really excited for the new year and i can't wait to see what it will bring!


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  1. heck i loved this post. i love that your blog is jam packed with photos. you live a great life. Also, i was making my goals for this year and two of them were go to the temple twice a month and read more books! you are the woman of my life #sisterwivesforeva!