Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holly jolly christmas

dear blog,
i guess christmas is over, but everywhere i go i want to shout "merry christmas!" it's kind of a disaster.

but alas, the season was so so lovely.

it included:
lots and lots and lots of caroling
lots and lots of family time
lots of food
lots of fun
lots of snow
we helped aunt willi put up her tree!
looking at christmas lights. my favorite!
being weird with bex/her 23rd birthday!
visiting/caroling to grandpa and ana-maria
aunt willi's for christmas eve
being silly/christmas eve jitters
brother ortiz is a virtuoso & he played some boss songs for us on christmas!
grandma showed me how she makes her rolls!
we got to skype with richie!!
les mis on christmas!
my sisters paid me $12 to stand up in a packed movie theater and proclaim  (with gestures) "merry christmas to one and all!!"

my new boyfriend! (it snowed A TON)
reading by the light of the christmas tree
hanging out with andrew a lot. their family got me a caramel apple and fuzzy socks-- exactly what  i wanted!
airport dropping off/picking ups.
we have to force maddie to spend time with us.
game night at the thurmans with their mini-dog
ice tree in heber!
my last day at distribution :( and family bowling :)
merry christmas! love, the dowds
also, santa brought me a computer! WHAT?? not to mention i got a ton of gifts, all of which i love and am so so grateful for. i'm such a blessed/spoiled girl!


p.s. nickie started/almost finished her mission papers!! it's so crazy to think that christmas next year will be so different with her gone (and let's face it, richie and/or maddie will probably be married)
p.p.s. these cool cats got engaged on the same day as mom & dad (25 years later)!!

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