Tuesday, December 11, 2012


dear blog,

what i've been up to lately:
staying up with this silly dude when he won't go to bed
enjoying my new glasses
basking in nickie's autoharp glory
playing with hazel girl-- she calls me "elle!" and i LOVE it
freezing my bum off at the last rooftop concert
playing outside while it was still nice
finding creeps at maceys
loving old pictures of this old man
waiting in anticipation for the gc
staring at THE GRAND CANYON!
but seriously, i've been trying to get over how awesome the gc is
birthday party shopping with this lady
getting the best birthday surprise from this lady!
enjoying the autumn leaves
obsessing over sister time!
getting awesome/weird birthday surprises
but seriously, getting spoiled for my birthday week
watching dowton abbey & enjoying nickie's company
singing singing singing!
carving pumpkins- ron swanson style!
dressing up for halloweenie
making macaroons
playing with this silly goose
having roommate time in slc
loooving the snow!
getting engaged to mikey
trying to not hate cats
trying to fit in this popular girl's schedule
dancing at brian sturm's wedding... gross
eating at a pancake/steak house in idaho falls
making music with these best friends
playing with thomas & mary and lindsey!!!
baking pie
enjoying my inheritance
black friday shopping
joking around with this old man
popping bubbles
riding elevators and being weird
snuggling and lots of girl talk
making food and laughing with bry guy
snuggling ellie bellie-- she's so big!!
christmasing with the wellings
can't wait for christmas! i get two weeks off work & we get to skype with the richmeister!



  1. you are the queen of making pies. i am so jealous!

  2. I was just thinking how gorgeous the pies looked. sorry lil miss was a little stinker that night! Glad you will get a much needed Christmas break!!