Sunday, May 30, 2010


dear blog,

today in primary the clarks were gone so they hired brother litchfield to teach the lesson. i didn't realize how many kids were in the class, but today they were ALL there PLUS a new kid PLUS TWO visitors. final count: THIRTEEN. can you please just pause and imagine thirteen squirmy 5 year olds in a half-size classroom with not enough chairs? yeah, it sounds like H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS... but in reality, i had the time of my life.
poor brother litchfield

the visitors were from england and bro. litchfield was asking if anyone had ever gotten a priesthood blessing and this little girl just YELLS out... "MY DADDY DOESN'T BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST" hahaha i'm not quite sure why, but it was hilarious.

later on we visited grampa in slc. he is such a crack up. we went to gramma's grave and and all the kids were taking a picture with grampa and maddie hollers "gramma is tickling me!" ahahah CREEEPY! she actually said grandpa but it just sounded like that... i love that we can laugh at this.

overall it was QUITE a lovely day...
despite the fact that i have work at SEVEN IN THE A.M.

love love,

p.s. erik told me he was engaged today and it was a BIG FAT LIE. (except i totally believed him... que oso)

p.p.s. sorry i'm failing with the "i love my friends" posts. i guess my friends aren't as awesome as i thought... JOKE. they DEFINITELY are... i've just been tres busy.

p.p.p.s. RICHIE GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL! (post about my amazing bro to come)

p.p.p.p.s. i got a pedicure last week and it was HEAVENLY. i was with harriet and i was like "what should we do?" and she was like... "get a pedicure!" (you see, harriet is deathly afraid of feet/having her feet touched, so this request seemed UTTERLY ridiculous) i didn't actually believe her until we were leaving the nail salon with shiny toes good as new. (post about ho ho to come)

p.p.p.p.p.p.p.s. i lost track of the number of p's that i'm on... i want to go to africa. SO BADLY. also, i want to go to mexico, or more like i miss it A LOT. or more like i miss my AMIGoS a lot (jessica and lanae are on missions, sarah is married and colson is soon to be...i dont even KNOW what the deal is with everybody else... katie, if you are reading this, let's do something NOW)

... i guess i should quit the post scripts because i think they are longer than the actual script... woops.

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