Saturday, July 17, 2010


dear blog,

this is oprah winfrey:

if you didn't know that... you've been living in a cave for the last 30 years. welcome to the world, oprah's in control.
i have extremely mixed feelings about oprah.

first of all, i kind of want to be her when i grow up. not HER her, but i love that she has a bajillion dollars and just gives stuff away to people. i love that she cares about issues and tries to "inspire" people to be better.

i think that she is SO WRONG about SO MANY THINGS. which is fine, i guess, whatever. BUT... EVERYONE worships her! seriously though? its like oprah is the end all be all. whatever oprah says MUST be truth because oprah said it! she has all theses "experts" come on her show to reinforce her bogus views. i'm sure that she is a nice person, and, like i said, i admire her success, but it scares me how much power she has! OPRAH IS THE ANTI-CHRIST. (okay, that's a little extreme.) but the other day her show was on and she was interviewing the twilight cast and she was talking to taylor lautner and she was teasing him about never having smoked or drank or done any kind of drug ever. and he was like "nope, i'm clean" and she kept asking him about it as if it was impossible for a 17 year old young person (is that how old he is?) to have not participated in substance abuse. not to mention that she is like bff's with obama, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. oprah has SOOOO much power, and she is not even questioned. people just believe what she says NO MATTER WHAT. also, oprah hates Mormons because apparently we are all members of an intolerant, racist gay-hating cult.

anyways, thats just a little somethin somethin that drives me up the wall.


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  1. I don't like Oprah. She yells like this: "Next up... ELLLLLLEEEENNNNNNNN DeGenerISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!". And it's really annoying.