Friday, July 9, 2010


dear blog,

things on my mind:
-vegetables, specifically cauliflower and how surprisingly delicious it is.
-the warm water at the beautiful beach at progeso.
-i love my nighty. nightie? nightie.
-i want to play basketball.
-wedding announcements.
-mission papers!
-carmen and her baby! and how i NEEED to call her.
-the sisterhood.
-high school.
-i want to go to washington soooo baaaad. and i think i actually might if my padres will let me...
-i love when its so hot in the car that your knee pits start sweating.
-i also love seeing friends after you haven't seen them.
-i also love my dogs.


p.s. also i've been thinking about how stupid/weird it is when people ignore you all the time, which to me sends off the signal "let's not be friends," but then randomly sometimes they'll be like "let's hang out!" or "i miss you" or "you're awesome, i like hanging out with you!" and its not just one person that does this either... i just don't get it. whatevs!


  1. But you are awesome! And sometimes people just get busy and then they take what little time they have to hang out and devote it all to you! So be flattered instead of thinking they are ignoring you. Humans are self centered by nature, and they probably don't even realize they're doing it. Just know that we would bug you all the time if we still lived by you. At least it would feel to us like we were bugging you all the time, but maybe it would seem like the right amount to you? Who knows, we just miss you! I am also hoping your padres will
    let you come to Washington. It's been way too long! Love you.

  2. psssht. havent gotten the call yet. but really ,if youre up at 3am you can call cause i will be up too! haha i love you btw (pronounced: be-tee-dub)