Monday, July 19, 2010

5: nicole

dear blog,

here is my dear sister nickie:

the other day she told me that my blog is depressing because every time i talk about her it's either about her sarcasm or about how i've teased her in one way or another. what can i say? she is just TOO fun to tease, i can't help myself :)

anyways, nickie is awesome.

nickie has this "reputation" of being sarcastic and kinda grouchy, but she is probably nicer than anyone in our entire family. she is just really genuine. if she doesn't like you, you know it. if she does like you, you know it. if she thinks you're annoying, you know it. this is one quality of nickie that i really like. she is frank. no sugar-coating. you get her opinion and you get it straight up, good or bad. 

another thing that i love about nicole is that her life is so service oriented. seriously, nickie does service more regularly than anyone. whether its doing the laundry, or free babysitting, or doing me a favor, or doing something for a friend, or fulfilling her church calling, it is seriously a daily thing for nickie. she's awesome.

nickie is also an AWESOME singer. not only does she know the lyrics to every single song she's ever heard, but she made the show & chamber choir (is that what its called) at her school, which is the most "prestigious," hard to get into choir! she is a rockstar (and not just figuratively). 

she is also a reallllllyyy good sport. we've picked on nickie her whole life-- typical middle child status. we've told her everything & she almost ALWAYS believes us. like the one time we convinced her that she was adopted. or the one time we told her that you actually go off the waterfall on the matterhorn at disneyland. or that one time i made a shake out of every condiment in the fridge plus soap and stuff and nickie drank it. i am actually surprised/impressed that nickie still loves us. 

so nickie is awesome. and despite our differences and quarreling, i still love her more than anything. she is the best! and she is such an awesome example for me of how to be your own person, how to not care what other people think about you, of doing selfless service & of embracing your talents.

love you girl!

here are some photos proving her awesomeness:

carly in mom's wedding dress & nickie in mom's bridesmaid dress

all of us on the only easter we ever matched

we play this game where i try to take pictures of her on my phone... this is the result.

nickie with the puppies!

she's so cute!

this picture is gross of me, but its the only one i could find of the 2 of us.

bahahahha wearing a weird mask.

dressed as audrey for halloween.

i made nickie laugh so hard she cried.

"gramma, act like a gangster!"


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