Monday, February 7, 2011

mental health day

dear blog,

caleb told me once that growing up every year his parents would give them 1 day a year where they could skip school and they could just stay home and their parents called it their "mental health day". well, sam (caleb's brother) thought that "mental health day" was a legitimate thing, and not something that only their parents did. so one year, sam took his mental health day, but his mom forgot to call in and excuse his absence so the next day sam shows up at school everyone was like "why were you absent, sam?" and sam said, "oh, it was just mental health day."

i really love that story because 1. sam is adorable and 2. isn't it so true? that we all need a mental health day every once in awhile?

well friends, i am claiming today as my Mental Health Day. yesterday i took the longest of naps and so as the night came and went i found myself still awake (i won't even tell you what time of day because its pretty embarrassing).

so today i just slept. and watched television. and cooked myself lunch and dinner. and... yep, that's it. and as pathetic as it is, that is really what i did for an entire day. i didn't go outside. i didn't change out of my pajamas. i didn't shower. i didn't do anything productive. (i did talk to ellen on the phone actually, which i think should count for something, but she called me).

and as i sit here, i am obviously well-rested and my mind is cleared and i am almost TVed out, all i can think about is how i could have accomplished so much today, but instead i did absolutely nothing productive. and how i have a bachelors degree from an accredited university and the only thing that got me out of bed today was chinese chicken and the bachelor.

BUT, instead of feeling sorry for my(semi-pathetic)self, i am claiming today as Mental Health Day and tomorrow i will get up to my alarm (maybe), change out of my pajamas (definitely), take a shower (probably),  and do (at least) one productive thing.

until then, i'm going to watch pushing daisies on jessica's netflix until i fall asleep.

here's to tomorrow,


  1. I am a firm believer in mental health days. I let my kids have them too. Although, I think they get more than one a year:)

  2. pushing daisies - LIKE
    also, i think mental health day should include speaking kind words to yourself. own the day instead of feeling guilty for it :) it's not pathetic, it's needed! and you don't need to feel guilty for that.