Thursday, February 17, 2011

sister sister

dear blog,

tonight my parents are in slc sleeping at aunt willi's because jo's funeral is tomorrow. so all of my sisters and i were home alone tonight. after carly got home from young women's and nickie emerged from her cave to have her hair curled, we all sat on the couch together and cuddled and laughed and giggled and argued and teased. i sat surrounded by my beloved sisters on either side of me and took a mental picture. i love my sisters so much. and even though they are a pain in the patooty sometimes (who isn't?), i love them more than anything. until recently i feel like my sisters were so much younger than i was, but now, i feel like we are all the same. best friends but on a completely different level. being around my sisters is the best. we are all so different! nickie is so smart and sassy. maddie is kind-hearted and athletic. carly is a straight-up diva. and i am me. 4 different girls, in 4 different shapes and sizes with different qualities, different friends, different interests. we talk all the time about how none of us would even talk to eachother if we weren't sisters. and even though these silly, wonderful girls are so different than me, these girlies are the people i am the most comfortable around. i can say or do anything and no matter what they still love me. plus, there is something comforting in talking with people that know everything about you and understand inherently who you are. my sisters know me. the real, unabridged, ridiculous me. tonight, watching prince of persia, curling nickie's hair, fixing maddie's phone, eating nachos and just being sisters was just a sweet, tender reminder of how blessed i am to have three beautiful, interesting, loving sisters.


p.s. pictures of my gorgeous sisters for your viewing pleasure:

can you see the resemblance?

 with grandma d in ghirardelli square.

my sisters are so pretty!

singing singing singing 

goofy goofy girlies

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