Saturday, February 5, 2011

single motherhood.

dear blog,

okay, i'm not a mom, but lately i spend most of my time doing mommy-like things. i play with babies, i feed them, put them down for naps, put them to bed, i run errands, i do dishes, pick up toys, wipe up messes, etc. etc. i just babysit a lot, and doing meal time and bath time and bed time is REALLY a lot of work! i don't think i ever realized how taking care of children is so draining in most every way. i am young, but at the end of a long day of work i just can't find the energy to want to go out or do anything. anyways, the point is, i have been learning a lot, and i would like to devote a shout out to my wonderful parents. for 1. being (almost 10 years) older than me when they had kids and 2. being awesome at it. you know what, kudos to all parents! i respect anyone who sacrifices their life this way, their time, their social lives, their physical and emotional well being. and especially kudos to single parents. i've cared for children alone and with help and it is definitely so much more difficult by myself. i really canNOT imagine how difficult it would be to care for children all by myself. it is terrifying really, and the more i learn about what being a parent is like, the more and more respect i have for mothers and fathers.


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