Monday, February 7, 2011

things i learned today ish

dear blog,

i learned (or rather re-learned) a lot today/ this week and i just wanted to write it down:

1. when i need to cry and i hold it back, i get really mean. so lesson learned, never hold it in.
2. stake presidencies technically preside over the bishoprics of the stake.
3. my parents are smarter than i give them credit for (sometimes).
4. its important and effective to talk to children like they are adults. well, i guess not really adults, but like people. they are people, so its good to talk to them like people.
5. also, a well-given compliment can go a long way.
6. i am imperfect and that's what the atonement is for.
7. richie will be an awesome missionary and i don't need to WORRY about him (capital letters meaning i will definitely worry a little, but not a lot).
8. i just love couches.
9. when i tell myself to do things (not like a crazy person, just like "get out of bed" "you should do the dishes" "don't eat that") i always call myself rochey... it's pretty weird. nobody even calls me that except for maybe carmen and im not sure if i really like it. i'm not sure how to even spell it. but when i'm bossing myself around, i always call myself roachy? W.
10. i am more controlling than i think i am.
11. social skills, like other skills, deplete if you don't practice them. (yes, this is a painful thing to learn).

i feel like there were other things, but i can't remember... that's what i get for not writing it down.

happy monday!

much love,

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