Thursday, April 14, 2011

come on dowwwwn

dear blog,

yesterday morning i was watching this show:

and there was this 82 (or maybe it was 92, either way she was OLD and ADORABLE) year old lady on the show.  i didn't see the segment where she guessed the right price and won or lost whatever it was, but i did see her spin the big wheel and win a spot to guess for the right price for the showcase. and then the first showcase was a home gym and something else and she passed on that (duh). and then the second show case was a brand-spanking-new iMac desktop computer and a ton of art supplies, a trip for 3 to paris to stay in 5 star hotels and what-not, all expenses paid, AND a new car! SAY WHAT?! and she didn't even blink, or look to the audience or anything and she guessed $34,000. then when they revealed the actual price, it was $34,384!! she was only three hundred dollars away!!!! AMAZING! she was so excited and her husband came up and they were so overwhelmed and adorable, and.... i cried. (yes, like shed actual tears. no, this is not a joke). 


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  1. oh don't even worry about it. i cry EVERY week on the biggest loser. every. week. we are just sensitive and that is good ;)