Tuesday, April 12, 2011


dear blog,

when i was a very little girl we had a beagle puppy named annie. i got to name her and annie was my favorite show so i named he after my favorite little red-headed orphan. i don't really remember a lot, but i remember that she barked a lot at night and our neighbors did not like that too much, so my parents gave her to a friend of a friend that lived in hollywood and mom and dad told us that she was going off to be in the movies. whenever i saw a beagle on tv after that i was POSITIVE it was my little orphan annie.

on a different note, my parents bought this car ages ago when i was still in middle school.
(okay, so not this EXACT car but this exact model and color)
i have SO many memories surrounding this beauty. i didn't start driving him regularly until my freshman year at BYU. still unnamed at that point, i was the lucky girl who got to name him. he quickly became affectionately known as sam. sam broke down awhile ago, but (technically) being my parents responsibility, and being beyond help really, sam was permanently parked in our backyard. whenever i looked out my bedroom window, there he was, smiling up at me, a reminder of all of the fun times that we had shared.

but alas, a couple weeks ago my parents sold him to a stranger.

in reality he will probably won't be fixed up and loved as much i loved him, and he will almost certainly be sold for parts, just like annie was almost certainly never in the movies, but some part of me really wants to believe that my favorite car will be fixed up and used lovingly by a well-deserving family. and just like i thought that every beagle in the movies was my annie, every time i see a maroon chrysler town & counrty i most certainly am going to believe that it is my beloved sam.




  1. mini vans are the coolest.
    see ya soon...
    what movie?